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13 October 2021
Nutrition; you are what you eat. And the same goes for plants. How can a piece of software elevate our understanding of one of the most important fundamentals of succesful growing? In this article I will discuss our new project: a unique online plant nutrient calculation tool, which will make it easy to calculate the combinations of fertilisers you can use to achieve a specific composition of nutrients to feed to your crops. It will include user account features, so you can store your fertiliser compositions and share them with other growers. It will included a host of dynamic features, such as lab analysis import, automatic fertiliser calculation and nutrient schedule optimisation. It will become available in at least 5 different languages. And best of all, of course it will be 100% freely available to all!

Last updated on 13 October 2021

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21 September 2021
We’ve recently released our first two tools here on, our DLI calculator and our VPD calculator. These are relatively simple tools, but can be very effective in achieving high quality results for any grower. I've received several questions about the meaning of both of these acronyms. A detailed description for how to work with VPD will follow in an upcoming article. But I wanted to dedicate our first technical article to light, because this is the source of energy that drives most plant growth. Photosynthesis is such a beautiful natural phenomena and to work with it on a daily basis is really a privilege. This article will offer some basic explanation to what DLI stands for and how to use the our tool to determine whether your crop is receiving enough light.

Last updated on 21 September 2021

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12 September 2021
Welcome to This project started from my conviction that there should be a rich, digital set of quality tools and resources available to anybody who wants to explore the world of plant cultivation. Taking inspiration from the free knowledge sharing model of open-source software development, I believe common agricultural knowledge should be open and available to every human being across the globe. It should be accessible, free from restriction, free from compensation and completely open source. I also believe that we have so much to gain by building bridges between ethnicity, nation, language, geography, belief, theory and discipline. The dissolution of dogma will enrich our common understanding.

Last updated on 18 September 2021